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We aim to...

Prepare and support all drivers and riders on a personal, one-to-one basis, helping you develop the necessary skills to pass your Advanced Tests successfully. Once you have passed this test and earned your qualification, our group membership subscription will be available at £10 per year and will allow you to:

  • Participate in group activities.
  • Maintain your new advanced skill level.
  • Socialise with like-minded people of various ages.

We hold regular meetings, along with open days that allow all drivers and riders to participate in our skills courses. We also offer a range of services dedicated to promoting road safety and the safety of all road users across the country. Our volunteers and observers are all extensively experienced and use their expertise and hands-on approach to deliver a bespoke experience to help you meet all your road safety needs. Contact us today on 0796 808 6550 or at to see how we can help you.

Advanced Driver Training

All our training for Advanced Driving Tests are carried out according to the highest standards by our extensively experienced team of volunteers and observers, each dedicated to your success. Each session focuses on the specific skills you will need to demonstrate in your test, including observation, timing, optimum road positioning, control, and the ability to deal with any unexpected obstacles. We offer Advanced Driver training to a range of motorists, including:

  • Car Drivers.
  • Motorcycle Riders.
  • First Responders.
  • Driving Instructors.
  • Fleet Drivers.
  • Minibus Drivers.

No matter your level of motoring experience, Stafford Advanced Motorists will work closely with you to give you all the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence, ensuring that you are fully prepared for your Advanced Driving Test.

Road Safety Awareness

At Stafford Advanced Motorists, we understand the responsibility all motorists have to make roads across the UK safer for all road users. As a result, we offer a range of courses, presentations, and informative sessions dedicated to creating a safer environment for all drivers, riders, and passengers.

We strive to help familiarise all road users with the Highway Code and the various laws and regulations surrounding motoring in the UK, helping you understand the overall road culture and traffic regulations. Our team can help you improve your knowledge in various areas by covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Driving in Towns.
  • Night Driving.
  • Motorway Driving.
  • Driving on Country Roads.
  • Managing Roundabouts.
  • Mobile Phone Use.
  • Parking and Maneuvering.
  • Alcohol Awareness.
  • Managing Distractions.
  • Managing Speed.
  • Overtaking.

All our services are carried out by trained and experienced professionals, and according to the highest standards to ensure a safer experience for road users across the UK. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Free Public Assessment drives

A one hour drive in your own car with one of our Observers to give you an unbiased opinion of your current driving skills. This would be done at a time and date to suit and following the drive a written report on your current skills would be provided.

The best way to find out more about advanced driving and riding is to experience it for yourself.
So come and enjoy a friendly free taster drive or ride with us!

We hear it time and again from our customers and members, the very best introduction to developing advanced skills is to experience it for yourself. Riding your own bike or driving your car with one of our qualified mentors will enable you to fully appreciate the skills and knowledge that you'll acquire with us.

We'd like to invite you to come and take a short ride or drive with us, for free, we'll welcome you and be pleased to answer any questions you may have before we drive or ride together on convenient roads close to you. Everyone is welcome, all you need is a full licence and your own car.